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Petit Switch - JMTrackr Progress
27th May 2019  
I've gotten JMTracker up to a semi-working state, but still have to add test settings for things like Tempo and Instrument selection, as well as a proper Load requester.
But so far, so good, and it's a vaguely decent output.. I think!!

Although only a proper set of melodies and actual ingame usage will tell for sure..


You use A to plot notes (balls!) along the musical bars.
Tap a ball a second time and it turns into a Spike! (OMG!)
Spikes are "Stops", or rests, so you can use them to stop notes to specific lengths.

You can specify whether the patterns are 1, 2 or 4 bars long.
(Note, however, that this is a tune-wide setting, not pattern-specific)
1 bar allows for short, quick melodies, whilst 4 bars obviously lets you create more complex things.

Hitting Y button will play the current pattern.

Each Pattern holds one single simple melody, and you should create all the patterns so that they all sound good when played together. This is the key to using JMTrackr!

Once you've set a few melodies into action, as well as some drum tracks, you can then hit X, which will play a short choon using your melodies.

The patterns you've created will be plucked at random and handed to a selection of random instruments, then repeated a number of times, switching things up as it goes along.
At the moment, this is the least complex part, and will require much more interesting abilities, like a decent selection setup for instruments, and a vague knowledge of Key Changes and things like that.
But the groundwork for that stuff was actually done a couple of days ago. I just need to mix one set of code with the other, and hopefully the output should be decent.

Today I'll be adding a Load, coming up with a neat way to allow for different instruments, and hopefully managing to keep things from falling apart.

Once finished, the idea will be that you'll have one fairly simple function (JMTrackrPlay) that you can dump into your code, call it repeatedly (at the end of your main loop) to keep it active, or a simple BGMStop to stop it in its tracks.

As for your melody, that will come via a secondary Save button, which will output actual code!! Hit the button, and the code will be copied into your clipboard, at which point you can switch over to your game, and paste it somewhere useful.

.. And hopefully that'll all work!!

Since it's all code, it should also allow for the ability to include multiple choons, and also give the coder the option to tweak all manner of settings within the code.

*fingers crossed*

More to come!

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