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Petit Switch - JMTrackr Progress 2
27th May 2019  
Really getting somewhere with JMTrackr for Petit Switch, now!


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In the above example, there are 3 patterns that have been placed into the engine.

You can play each one of them individually, using the Y button, to hear what each sounds like.
There are also 3 drum patterns, but I failed to show those.. (sorry, forgot!!)

Hitting the X button starts the randomiser, which selects different patterns to play on different instruments.
It creates a "playlist" of different patterns to play, and occasional keychanges, then .. off it goes!

Next I need to teach it some more rules, so that it outputs a more progressive set of instrument and key changes, to make it a little less chaotic.
But it's definitely much better now than it was yesterday, and all of today's GUI stuff makes it all the more neater.

Definitely making progress!

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New games every week!
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