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Petit Switch - JMTrackr Progress 3
28th May 2019  
This morning, my laptop's clipboard still had yesterday's Daily Platdude Pixelart in it.
.. This is how much time I've spent working in Petit Switch!


Last night I did a little more tweaking, and got the Load File-List thing working.
Today I need to double check on all the load/save commands, to ensure there isn't a more specific file location that I should be saving to.
I have a feeling that, if I upload an update to the program, anyone downloading that update might end up erasing their previous saves.

I'm definitely going to have to investigate how that works..

Other than that, it's probably time to add some kind of Instrument Grouping, along with getting Chord Progressions in, and things like that.
In addition, a couple of tweaks to ensure the whole thing is easily portable to other games, something I'll be double checking to be absolutely certain.

But.. Yeah, most things seem to be in place, and I'm fairly happy with how it's coming along.
Today oughta be the end of it all!!!

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