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  29th May, 2019
With JMTrackr "done, enough" for Petit Switch, I can now happily move on to actually making games on the thing.

I've made a quick list of things I should attempt, today.


1. Petit Switch
I think I'm probably going to do a version of Flappadiddle for Petit Switch. Would be a nice fun little game to have on there, I reckon.

2. Getting my Typing Back
I definitely need to get back into the realm of Laptop-Coding! My fingers have already started to revert to the layout of a fullsized keyboard (The USB one I bought for the Switch), so my typing on the scrunched up laptop keyboard is full of little errors!

3. Drawing Sprites for The Quest
Weapons and other items all need to be drawn. I could also probably do with some extra furniture and other such tiles for the maps, too, and then there's.. You know.. The game to code!!

So, um. Yeah, that's plenty to get on with!
I'd better hop to it.

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