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Building The Quest - 006
29th May 2019  

Don't worry, I didn't completely abandon the Shoebox!!


I've spent the past couple of hours rewriting chunks of the generator code. Doors are now placed in a much less random pattern.
If you scan the above pic, you should (hopefully!) find that all rooms have at least one door, and as such, the entire map will hopefully be navigable.

I've made the decision that chests will disappear after use, meaning the random generation can "kinda" get away with plonking a chest in your way, instead of keeping the path 100% clear, but you should also find that chests aren't being placed in the way of doors and such.

The engine now also copes with darkened rooms, which will light up when you first enter them, but since I can't yet move the players, that's currently been switched off!!

All in all, it's a much more "defined" style of dungeon than it was the last time I looked at the game, and hopefully that should make the game all the more playable.

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New games every week!
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