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Giving Up
  31st May, 2019
I didn't get much done, yesterday, beyond the finishing up of the week's ALChoon.


I got a little bit done on the PetitSwitch edition of Flappadiddle, but barely enough!
Simple movement and collision, but not much more. It's vaguely playable, but without any kind of .. Anything!

I've realised I need to add a simple particle engine into the PetitFramework. It's odd not having a "burst" when Flappy hits a spike!

But that's as far as I got. After that, I put the Switch down, closed the laptop, and relaxed for the rest of the day.
Watching random YouTube vids, and also attempting another choon (Noted Aquarium is made with little fishies in the choon!) I eventually fell asleep having not accomplished much else.

But that's ok. A bit of coding, Daily blog, Daily Pixelart, Stupid little verse, Weekly newsletter and 2 ALChoons..
What more do you want!?!

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