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Today's Plan
1st June 2019  
1. Finish off Flappadiddle on PetitSwitch
2. Finish off Hangman on Shoebox
3. Consider that combining things into one has gone so well on Shoebox that it might be a good idea to start doing that with my PetitSwitch games.
4. Consider that I should probably also do that with AGameAWeek "proper"
5. Wonder how that's going to impact my lovely "500,000 games" list.
6. Goto 3


That loop has actually been going on for a long long time, now, and I'm not really sure what the solution might be.

What would YOU prefer me to do?

For now I'll be plonking games into the Petit Switch arena as-is, I reckon. I've already had a player compliment the simplicity of Spike Dislike on Twitter.

Feel the Bold, and avoid the thorns
or at least, that's what Microsoft translator says.. If you run it through Google translate, you get "I feel like I'm going to dribble and avoid thorns."

A whole new audience to spam with my games.

Oooh, joy!!

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New games every week!
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