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Formulating a plan
2nd June 2019  
I need to organise things a little better.

As fun as it is, churning out the PetitGames, the Shoebox is getting ignored.
And as nice as it is, piling on the Shoebox Games, the Foldapuz site's being forgotten..
And as much as I want to get Foldapuz games done...
I haven't done AGameAWeek in bloomin ages!!!

I think I need to make myself a proper schedule, and ... try to stick to it!


Monday seems like a good day for "AGameAWeek Proper"
That way, I get most of the weekend to work on little bits and pieces.

Tuesday, Foldapuz. Those are usually quite small, and can typically be done in an hour or two, but without many interesting ideas, it's been kinda stuck. Forcing myself to stick to a schedule might force me to come up with "oddities", and those will probably work well for that!!
Also, if I've not quite finished a Monday AGameAWeek release, I can probably spend extra time on a Tuesday to finish it off.

Wednesday, preparation day for the week's forthcoming games. Deciding what they should be, starting on art and stuff like level generators.

Thursday, posting the week's SoCoder newsletter, alongside ALChoons, usually wares me out, but the rest of the day can be spent on whatever this week's Shoebox game should be.

Friday, PetitSwitch game release.

Saturday, Shoebox game release.

Sunday, work on AGameAWeek for Monday..


There. That's a schedule..

... is that 4 games a week?
When did I start making 4 games a week??!


This is probably going to cause another brain tumour, but it's a good enough schedule to keep my mind active.
Will it work out?
Who knows!!

Guess there's only one way to find out.

I'll probably take today off, prepare everything I'm going to need to attempt such a silly schedule, and maybe come up with some fresh game ideas to keep things flowing for a while.

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