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Getting Everything Ready?
  3rd June, 2019
Yesterday was spent making an Pixel/Sprite doodling thing for Petit Switch.
With that, JMTrackr and the default audio files, I'm fairly sure I can now get a decent number of games up and running.


I could really do with getting Sprite->Tilemap functions working properly in my C++ Framework. Having used it in Petit Switch, it really is a handy function to have access to.
IIRC it mostly worked, except on the 3DS, so I might spend today seeing about that.
I might even look into how viable it is in my Javascript Framework, as I'm thinking it might help with drawing all of those boards.. Although, with the scrolling and zooming involved in the Shoebox, it'll no doubt end up breaking

What else do I need to do?
.. Other than write all the games, of course!


*voice in my head*
"Hey, Jay.. You're enjoying the Javascript and PetitSwitch engines, which are basically just interpreting scripts.. .. What if you wrote something like that, so you could create a bunch of games as just scripts, then have them run in a single C++ engine?"

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