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Juggling Again!
  5th June, 2019
But, a little more organised juggling, this time.



Hangman is mostly working, but needs shuffled around. It doesn't fit nicely onto a portrait display at all!
The word, the category, the entire alphabet, and the little hangman, all have to be clearly visible, and the alphabet be clickable, too.

Also, I haven't yet dared to draw a hanging man!!

I spent most of yesterday's Shoebox Session trying to get the words to wrap neatly to the middle of the screen. TV Shows like "The King of Queens" ended up being too wide, so a little Word Wrap function had to be attempted..
Took bloomin' ages!

Petit Switch

This week's game is ready to go, and awaiting a Friday release, so I started on another game, too!
The other game seems to be doable, but it might end up being a tiny bit cramped on the screen. This may require a little more forethought in the way the game looks.


The car is still driving around and around without any real purpose.
I think I'll probably work on that a little more, today, and try to figure out exactly what I want to do with it.
I know for a fact that I've been in this same situation, before, and have ended up scrapping the game altogether.. So ..
I'm really going to have to think outside the box, I reckon.

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