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Fiddly Bits
  6th June, 2019

Brum Brum?


The traffic cones return, but things still aren't quite "gamey" enough, just yet.

I need to try and figure out a nice scoring mechanism that keeps the game interesting to play, and perhaps a form of death/losing that keeps you wanting to try and try again.
As it currently is, the thing's a little bit bland, so it definitely needs something "special" thrown into the mix.


Hangman for Shoebox still isn't "quite" right.
I've opted to switch up the Hangman for a simple lives system, this makes things a little easier to fit into multiple resolutions, and that's helped quite a bit.
There's 6 little lovehearts (the ones from Cardagain) in the middle of the screen to symbolise your remaining lives.

I also had a minor issue with the game magically "winning" every time you refreshed the page, but a slight delay seems to have fixed that issue.

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