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Shoebox - Hangman
  7th June, 2019
v0.988 - Added Hangman, the game of guessing words

It's nothing too tricky, and you won't struggle to play it.
The simple classic game of Hangman.

Tap the letters, fill in the blanks, and try to guess the words or phrase.

You can Play Hangman in the Shoebox where you'll find it in amongst the Word Games.


What I Didn't Do

I haven't added a 2 player "One enters the word, the other guesses" mode.
I did consider it, but I didn't bother to do it!
I might do it at a later point.
Feel free to nag me to do that!

Where's the Hangman?

I drew a hanging Platdude, and looked at it, and went "Good grief, that's depressing!", so stripped it out and replaced it with happy little lovehearts.
Head, Body, Arm, Arm, Leg, Leg. Six lives, so there's six hearts.
If you want a depressing image to play with, well, there it is!!


You can Find Hangman in the Word Games of the Shoebox.

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