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Not Scrapped Yet!
  8th June, 2019
I'm still marginally hopeful that I can make something fun from the car thing.
Right now it's still extremely bland and dull, but I think with a few tweaks, I can manage to get something gamey out of it.

I think!


Meanwhile, I did manage to get Hangman finished, yesterday.
I know, I know, I should be doing The Quest, not silly little games like Hangman, but The Quest is a much larger scope than I originally planned it to be, and it's probably going to take a few weeks of background work before it can be done to a degree that I'd like.

Plans for the week ahead.
1. See if I can make something of the car thing.

2. Wreck my brain trying to come up with another Foldapuz game.

3. Shoebox is very lopsided, with 8 games in extra, 7 in Words, but only 3 in Vs and Group sections. I need more of those sorts of games.
.. Also, I have an unfinished "Jack Change It" that might now work well with all the Notifications that I've added to the framework.

As for Petit Switch..? I've started Hoppy Bobby, but it feels quite a lot like Flappadiddle, so I might hold that off for another time.
What else might work, though?
#Maybe a Blockman!? ... Hmm..

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