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The Week Ahead..
  10th June, 2019
Today will be without a release, but there's not been an "AGameAWeek proper" for a long time, so I don't think anyone's going to be too disappointed by that fact!

But what of the rest of the week?


Tuesday - Foldapuz
I haven't got any particular plans in mind for this week's Foldapuz addition. I might look into some more Logic puzzles, though. I do like a good Logic puzzle!

Friday - Petit Switch
Blockman's almost ready to go! I still need to add extra mazes, though. Currently it keeps recycling the same maze over and over.
They're not too hard, and I've been using the Sprite Editor to draw them, which is handy.
Should be easy to do!
And although Blockman looks roughly the same, he isn't making his traditional "whomp whomp" sounds. Not really sure how I can clone audio in Petit Switch.. Hmmm..

Saturday - Shoebox
I'm probably going to be having a look at Jack Change It, today, and seeing if all my recent Notification add-ons will help the game come together a little better.

So, plenty to be getting on with, and hopefully I can form some sort of gameplay from the current Maze thing that I'm doing, for next week's AGameAWeek.
Not sure how well that'll come together, but I am at least vaguely more hopeful than I was with the car!

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