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  11th June, 2019
I can't seem to get back into a "normal" AGameAWeek flow.
Which is an odd thing to say, given I've released 6 games in the past couple of weeks.


So, I'm once again thinking about Browser-based stuff, how this seems a fairly natural evolution of the sort of things I do, and how a giant collection of "more arcade-like" games might work well in the browser, alongside the Shoebox.

Today, I'm going to be experimenting.
Pushing the very limits of what I can achieve in the browser, and trying out various techniques to see what can and can't be done.
Most importantly, I'll be investigating audio, and trying out various techniques to load mp3s into the engine.
That's probably not going to be something I add to Shoebox, since those games tend not to warrant ingame-music, but it's definitely something that standard AGameAWeek games deserve.

So, yeah, that's today's plan.
Experimentation and findings..

Not sure how well it'll go, but.. Might as well give it try, right?!

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