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12th June 2019  
Oh boy, was yesterday complicated!!


I started the day by making a duplicate of the main Shoebox scripts, and then began slowly deleting anything that wasn't necessary.
All of the board game stuff got stripped away, a lot of the save data was removed, and all manner of other unnecessary code was deleted.

It's amazing just how much stuff I've managed to code within the few months of starting Shoebox, and how much of it is completely unnecessary when you aren't dealing with board games!!

Right now the new "Arcade" script is acting very much as you'd expect.
It's a barebones menu system, and not much else.

I HAD planned to do a lot of experimentation with the engine, to see what can and can't be done in it, but .. honestly, after all the effort I put in, all I seem to have done is a lot of deleting and not much actual additions.

For those worried, don't! Anything that makes use of cards, boards or other such functionality should end up in the Shoebox, not whatever it is that this thing ends up being.
For this one, I'm aiming to make Keyboard/Gamepad be the main input, whereas Shoebox is Mouse/Touch.
One framework for arcade games, one for tappy games.

I think that's probably the best way to do it, right?!

Today will be spent adding in those keyboard/gamepad methods. Goodness knows how easy it is to implement gamepad support in Javascript, though!

I also haven't yet tested the best way to do music, either. So that definitely needs done.

Otherwise.. Yeah, I think this might work out.
It needs an all new menu system (Grr/Menu/etc) but I'm aiming to keep things as simple as possible, in terms of menu layout.

Lots to do!!

And a name, too..


I've not been enjoying my coffee for the past few weeks. I'm not sure if it's the milk, or the coffee brand, or just my tastebuds, but I'm definitely going off it.

For most of this week I've been coffee-less, drinking only Fruit & Barley cordials, and struggling to stay awake without the umpteen cups of coffee I'd usually drink per day!

I'm also sleeping like crazy!


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