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Audio Dilemma..
12th June 2019  
In the new framework, audio tests are going ahead.

An mp3 can stream, and play, and even stays in memory for repetition or restarts when the game is restarted.
The mp3 can be paused, the mp3 can be set to loop.
This is all good.

Moreso, I've coded the ability for different mp3s to play for different games, and perhaps even different tracks per level. The browser will grab the mp3 as needed, and will play it.
This is all good!!


Every time the game needs to reload a track from the server, the mp3 is too big for the browser's default cache to cache it, or perhaps browsers are set to never cache an mp3.
I'm not sure which of these issues is causing it, but in extraneous testing, I've ended up "downloading" over 500mb of mp3 audio from the server, over the course of the past number of hours.

.. Myself..

Imagine that if there are people actually playing games, all grasping at the mp3s, all the time!

I think, if I'm going to do this whole "AGameAWeek in the Browser" thing, then I have to say goodbye to my lovely ALChoons.

So, what other options are there?

I can't "Play audio - pitch" because that won't work on iOS.
I mean, I can, it's just it doesn't pitch it on iOS. This isn't "too" noticeable on games so far in the Shoebox, but it would definitely be noticeable if I try to generate music by simply playing instruments.


Decisions, decisions..

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