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Pros and Cons
  13th June, 2019
Before I dare to attempt to turn AGameAWeek into a "All in one big javascript engine" mega compilation, I think it's important to jot down a few "issues" that there might be..


Lost Features

1. Recolour
Sprite recolouring is notoriously slow on browsers.
It's "doable", but slow, and not really worth attempting due to the many issues with incompatibility.

2. Online Scoreboards
This is a biggy, IMO, but is something I can't honestly come up with a solution for.
As soon as games are Javascript based, they're easily hackable.
.. Like... Really easy!

Want to see how easy?
Open Shoebox, load Snakes and Ladders, Hit F12
In the new window there's a little eyeball icon near the top.
Click that, type plr[2]=0 into the new box, then hit the little dotty button beneath the box.

That's how easy it is to cheat a Javascript game.
Online scoreboards aren't functional in any way, given that issue.

3. Audio Pitch
It kinda works, but iOS is missing this ability. Not something that's too big of an issue, but .. particularly noticeable in SpikeDislike, where your score won't rank up as the score gets higher.

Added Features

1. Always updated
Shoebox and Foldapuz have spoiled me. This is a lovely new feature to have!

2. iOS without faffing about
No 100,000 icons for every game. No waiting for Apple Review. Just upload, and it's ready to be played!

3. Smaller'ish downloads
Although the collection might continue to expand, the overall "download" shouldn't become crazy. I'll aim for as-small-as-possible, and not be doing any HUGE games in the engine.
Of course, "HUGE" games will still be possible, but I think I'll probably stick with smaller reusable sprites and things like, with the scope of the games coming in the gameplay, rather than a set of sprites.
Keeping the download small, whilst ensuring I make games as big as I can.

What are your thoughts?
Is this all a good idea!?!

Incidentally, I've "almost" managed to integrate the ModPlayer functionality, but it isn't currently working on iOS..
Extra tweaks to do!

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