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Petit Switch - Blockman Gets
  13th June, 2019
This week's Petit Switch release is a recreation of one of my favourite puzzlers, Blockman Gets.

View on YouTube

If you have a copy of Petit Computer 4 (SmileBASIC) running on Switch (currently only on the Japanese eShop) you can grab the Blockman using the Public Key : 424PN33N4


What I Didn't Do

The game is mostly as you remember it, but shrunk a teensy bit.
There are no ghosts.. I never quite liked how random the ghosts were, whenever they've appeared.
There's also no boulder. Perhaps I should've spent time to add the boulder, but the game didn't feel like it was missing them, so lazy me didn't bother!!

Also, the audio's a bit different, but.. Meh, what can you do!!?

The public key to download the game is 424PN33N4.
Have fun!

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