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14th June 2019
PreRelease - Thoughts and suggestions about making a download
@RSKGames suggests..

Can you consider making a version of the new AGAW JS mega compilation into an electron app so that you can retain the online scoreboard. In a electron app I think you can restrict users getting into the dev console.

I'll have a look into it.


I previously tried using Apache Cordova, which seemed to be doing a good job, until I tried playing Klondike Solitaire, at which point the game inexplicably slowed to about 20fps or thereabouts.
It wasn't "too" noticeable, but you could definitely see it when rapidly dragging cards around the screen.
Certainly not the best experience!!

I'll take a peek at Electron and see if it's any better.
Thanks for the tip!

This version also will give the users a true offline experience as the original AGAW exes.

Having visited the Shoebox at least once in your browser, close your browser, hit the "Airplane Mode/Flight Mode" option on your system (or otherwise find a quick way to disconnect from the net) and then navigate back to Shoebox.

Should work, but do let me know if it doesn't!

The entire collection should be using roughly 10Mb of Cache, alongside about 2Mb (I think!) of Local Storage for all the scores and things.

This is one of the reasons I'm currently looking to make MOD based music instead of MP3.
If it had to cache all of the music as MP3s, that'd be a whopping amount of data, after just a few games.
No music in the Shoebox means everything's fairly small, but if I do do an "AGAW-In-The-Browser*" collection, it's going to get bigger and bigger!
I'll definitely need to keep watching the filesizes.

Apart from the above comments I guess the change to mega JS framework it will be a good decision as it would help you not switching context to multiple programming languages and engines. It will be more future proof.

Thankfully, since everything's combined into one bulk engine, the only (!) thing I need to tweak in future should hopefully just be the main framework itself. All the games will just carry on regardless.

But, I'm entirely at the mercy of all the different browsers, and what they eventually decide is or isn't good behaviour.
Given the speed at which browser technology is changing, something I write today might not work in a year's time. Compare that to the fact that I have "mostly" working games in my archive dating back nearly 2 decades, and ... well... :/

Definitely going to have to keep on top of those updates, I reckon, as well as constantly trying different browsers, too.

(* - Still no proper name, yet)
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