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22nd June 2019
PreRelease - The need for redefineable controls
Today I need to rewrite a ton of my input code, to work properly with redefined keys/gamepads, and then add a screen to let you do that.
.. More bloomin' menus.


Hopefully I can get this all working fairly soon. The past couple of weeks have been somewhat stilted, with grand ideas being put on hold (Where did The Quest go?!!) whilst I tackle yet another framework.
With any luck, it should all be finished in the next few days, enough that I can post the first of the games in the new Browsercade Framework.

I also need to decide how I'm going to be linking to specific games in the new collection.
I've tried a couple of methods with Shoebox, but nothing seems to work perfectly, causing huge issues with the Cache methods.
For the most part, I can just say "The latest game is X/Y" and even give a number since the main menu is numbered.

But it'd be nice to be able to link to games..
It's a bit daft that I can't!!
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