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24th June 2019
PreRelease- Adding Redefineable Controls
Yeah, I knew that wasn't going to be easy...


An extremely basic version of the key-redefine functionality is in the engine, and mostly seems to work.
The thing asks for the four directions, four face buttons, two triggers, start and back/select.
I might simplify that and remove the two triggers. Based on my previous 400 games, I rarely ever need those, but ... . You never know, do you!?

1. I need to make it a bit less rubbish looking!

2. I need to ensure it doesn't break. (it currently frequently breaks!)

3. I need to consider that future games might want multiplayer.. As per usual, I've dumped all controllers into one set of inputs. I *think* I know an easy way to do the game side of the code, but getting the redefine screen to follow suit would increase the complexity beyond what I can currently be bothered to do!!

4. Testing with various controllers.
I know for a fact that the X360 controller is (as per usual) giving me inverted Y-Stick values.
I currently don't have any place for the analogue sticks in the redefine screen, so.. That'll have to be done, too.

It's all become inexplicably over complicated.
.. But I knew it would.

It always does!!

Currently, it only saves one set of gamepad definitions, but these are saved in such a way that if you reload the page, and try to reuse the same controller, it happily plays along.
If, instead, you try to use a different controller, it'll instantly pop up the redefine screen for you.
Seems a nice way to do it. .. I think.. Maybe!

The thing breaks if you then try to re-redefine the controls, because.. ... *shrugs*

Lots to work on, today, but it's definitely 2% more functional than it was yesterday morning!
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