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25th June 2019
PreRelease - Menu Progress

Have spent today working on more menu gubbins, and default "Quit", "Retry" buttons and things. The basic pause screen is looking terribly familiar!


I haven't yet added an Options menu anywhere, yet, so still have to work in that.
Although it shouldn't be any more complicated than Shoebox's options menu, it will at least need an "invert the stupid Xbox Controller's Y axis" button. Grr!!

All the menus so far will work via keyboard, gamepad, touch or mouse, but ingame controls are currently limited to either key or gamepad. I need to decide how I'm going to do touch controls, and am slightly tempted to shrink the screen a little, and add buttons underneath.

Not sure.
Will try, and see what works best.
This might be something to add to the options menu.

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