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Catching Up
  27th June, 2019
Busy day yesterday, and after I got back I needed a big long 4 hour nap to recover!!

Once awake, I got a couple of little bits finished off, including this week's Petit Switch game (coming later tonight) and this week's SoCoder Newsletter (coming in about an hour or so).


Today I need to catch up and fix a few little quirks that I left in the Browsercade engine.
On the redefine screen, if you define a thumbstick for up and down, the code gets confused about the whole "They're the same event!" thing.
I need to add a +/- functionality to the thing, so that it works correctly.

Once that's working right, I'll hop over to Shoebox, because.. Although I've decided what this week's game will be, I've barely started any of the code for it.

That'll be the bulk of today's coding, so I've certainly got plenty to get on with!


For those intrigued in "IRL Jay" stuff, we chatted with a guy at the town hall who gave us advise on how to proceed with the upcoming Tribunal. Nothing we didn't previously know, (I already did all this, a few years ago) but good to hear that he understands my issues and is willing to represent me at the main event.

We now have to sit about, waiting for the date for said tribunal.

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