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Starting the Day
  28th June, 2019
I tried to get this week's Shoebox game done, yesterday, but with so much GUI based stuff to do..
.. My head went "No, I'm sick to death of doing GUIs, this week!!" and decided to shut down.

I'm going to push ahead and try again, today. If not, we'll have to abandon the Shoebox release for this week, because I'm not really sure that any game I make, will fit my head's current need to do something other than yet another GUI driven thing!


Today's plan, then.
1. Get the GUI going for this week's Shoebox game.
2. Look into ways to neaten up the Petit Switch listing page.
3. Decide what next week's Petit Switch game should be... I've a couple in mind, and one of them needs a GUI!! Arrrrgh!!!

That's plenty for today. Let's not go crazy with plans.

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