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Ending the Day, unfinished
  28th June, 2019

I've done an alarming amount of work on this GUI today, and ..
Doesn't look any bloomin' different to how it did, this morning!!


The game lets you start, place your Spaceships, then click the "Ready for Battle" button. Up until you hit "Ready for Battle", AL also frantically shifts his own ships around his grid.

This GUI gave me all manner of issues, and was ludicrously over-complicated.
My board game framework is happy to move objects around a board.. .. But try to make those objects cover the space of more than one square, and.. Yikes!!
A lot of rewriting to account for multi-square objects, and then the rotation on top of that.
Moving to move, tap to rotate.. All seems good, now.

Once you hit the "Ready for Battle" button... it stops, because I need to design a second GUI, which now shows two grids, on all kinds of different screen resolutions. Oh the joy!!
One that shows your ships, and the other that lets you attempt to shoot at the enemy.
The "Your ships" can be minimised, I think, but the "aim" grid needs to be large enough that you can tap it on a tiny phone screen..
... But still leave room for the other grid, too.


Tomorrow's another day, and hopefully I can get a bit more progress on the thing.
Might be aiming for a Sunday release, this week, but I am at least carrying on with it!

PS, I've opted for "Space Battle" because... copyrights and stuff!!

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