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Hit The Wrong Button
  29th June, 2019
I played about an hour of Mario Maker 2, yesterday, and got far enough to reach that annoyingly frustrating control issue that's been irritating me for decades.


Jump on Yoshi, Hit A to jump, to get off Yoshi hit Trigger.
Jump into Boot, Hit A to jump, to get out of Boot hit Trigger.
Jump into clown-copter thing, Hit A ... jump out of clown-copter thing and insta-die because you hit the wrong button.

No matter how much I play of the many Mario games, I always find myself second guessing which button is going to kill me, because that specific input is completely counterintuitive. Especially when the two opposing control methods are in the same game, and sometimes even the same levels.

I HATE that control decision.
I hate it so much that it made me put down the game and give up playing the thing.
Stupid wrong button..

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