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Shoebox - Space Battle
  30th June, 2019
v1.0252 - Added Space Battle into the One-On-One section.

An epic battle begins. Blast away your opponent's spaceships, before they do, yours!

Place your ships in the grid, then try to guess where your opponent's ships are placed.

You can Play Space Battle in the One-On-One section of the Shoebox.


What I Didn't Do

I didn't redraw the ships. I'll probably redraw the ships at a later date!!

Also, I was aiming to use this game as the foundation of the "per game sounds" functionality, but given how hard it's been to get into a groove, this week, I've decided against that.
There's still sounds, but instead of making a new .wav file, I've added the new sounds to the ever-growing all.wav file!

.. If things sound... Weird.. Try reloading the cache. (Should be in the option screen)

You can Play Space Battle in the Shoebox of Games. It's in the One on One section.

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