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26 Weeks : 48 Games
  1st July, 2019

Clickity for Biggity

Nearly 2 games a week.. So very, very close!!

Since I'm only 4 games away from 52, I can probably do another week and a half of games, then take the rest of the year off!!
Aaaand! Relax!!


Relax by..

1. I haven't done ANY Browsercade coding for days. Need to catch up on that.
The first thing is the wonky joystick controls when configuring thumbsticks. Also, an option for Y-Invert, and additionally an option screen to put that into!

2. Foldapuz needs to be done, today. No plan, no clue, no panic!!

3. I've started one game idea on PetitSwitch, but am now thinking of doing something entirely different. Hmmm..

4. Still need to work out that "Other Sounds" functionality for both Shoebox and Browsercade.

So.. Um.. Yeah..

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