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Action Shot!
  2nd July, 2019
I've dumped a bunch of videos on YouTube for the PetitSwitch games.
I've set up a Petit Switch playlist, and am going to attempt to keep to that with future releases.
But what of everything else?


The Foldapuz playlist was started, yesterday, and I'm aiming to make playlists for both Shoebox and Browsercade, too.
But I'll have to head back and record videos for previous Foldapuz and Shoebox games.

I'll also have to find a quick and easy way to add audio to the Foldapuz videos, because.. They're a bit dull, really, aren't they!!
There's not really a whole lot you can do for Pen and Paper games!!

One thing I've yet to get working is links to specific games in the Shoebox and Browsercade, so that I can then add the individual games back into the Game Archive.
I've had another idea for how to do that, this morning, so I might have to see how well that works. *shrugs*

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