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Player Thoughts - Space Battle
  2nd July, 2019
After each week's release, players submit their thoughts on the games.
Let's have a look and see what @RSKGames thought of Space Battle!

You can Play Space Battle in the One-On-One section of the Shoebox.


Played Space battles for some time and thanks to a lenient AI I was able to win most of the times.


I was very surprised that it takes quite some time for the player and the AI to find the first target.

It does seem to take a while, doesn't it.
I double checked the rules, and a 10x10 grid, with a 2-long ship, two 3's, a 4 and a 5, does seem to be the general default.

When the AI finds a target it doesn't go all out destroying the entire target at one go.

Yeah, AL will carry on randomly dotting around, before it settles on destroying ships. Once he does "attack" he seems to over-attack, seeking to target all surrounding places, just to ensure he got it good and proper!!
I really need to enhance the AI on this one a bit, I think.

The setup of the ships is very intuitive, the start button appears only when all the ships are placed within the tiles.

A bit of a cheat, if I'm honest. I was originally aiming to "bump" the ships around, if you place one on top of the other, but then they kept bumping outside of the playfield, and .. It got very hard to keep it all under control!!
Instead, I opted to leave it entirely up to the player, and only have the "Ready" button appear if everything was ok.
It made the coding a LOT simpler, and it doesn't feel out of place.

A good lazy-man's compromise, I think.

I think a delay would be good before showing the "You win" screen to take a screenshot.

I also could do with a "KABOOOOM!" for the final blasts.
But that needs me to work my "Additional Sounds" stuff into the engine, and I haven't got around to that, yet.

Some sort of gradient coloring to the ships would be nice.

I'm not happy with the look of the ships. I'll probably redesign (and/or actually bother to design) the ships in future.

A good addition to the shoeboxofgames collection.

Yeah, it works well enough, but there's plenty of stuff I could do to make it better.
If/when I do, I'll be sure to let you know.

You can Play Space Battle in the One-On-One section of the Shoebox.

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