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Upcoming Games..
  4th July, 2019
1. Not Pong is going to be my game for Petit Switch, this week.

2. Dots and Squares will be this week's Shoebox game.


For Not Pong, I need to add a decent amount of sparkle and loveliness, but the basic gameplay's up and running.
Dots and Squares needs a better AL-AI. He's currently only looking at each square on it's own, so often says "This square only has one line, I'll add a line", but is inadvertently placing that line at a point that makes a third line on an adjacent square. He needs to analyse the surrounding squares for each line.
Other than that, though, both games are functioning nicely, and should easily be ready for their respective launches.

I can relax, and not worry about needing to make oodles of games.

.. Uhoh.. Tonight's Petit Switch release night, isn't it!

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