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Rewriting the Spriting
  5th July, 2019
Petit Switch is mostly faultless, but there's one slight quirk that tripped me up, yesterday.

When you save your code, you hit Ctrl+S, then it flashes up "Are you sure you want to save 'Project/main.prg'?" and then you hit OK, and it says "Are you REALLY sure you want to save 'Project/main.prg?'", and then you hit OK and then it saves.


Yesterday, after about 3 or 4 hours of coding "Not Pong", I happened to bother to read the dialog, and noticed that "Not Pong" was popping up with the requester

"Are you sure you want to save 'JNK_Sprite_Editor/main.prg'?"

I'm not sure when it decided that I was working in that project folder, instead of the JNK_Not_Pong folder, but I quickly said "NO!!!", and double checked everything.
Yes, indeed, for the past few hours, I'd been systematically overwriting my Sprite editor, instead of saving to the actual game's folder.
To say I was mildly annoyed would be an understatement.

I'd saved so many times, in fact, that the backup saves were well and truly gone, and there was absolutely no way to save what I'd now long-since deleted.


Today, I'll be rewriting my sprite editor from scratch.
And then uploading it to the server so that I have a backup!!

I am very very very frustrated by my own habit of leisurely ignoring what dialogue boxes actually say.

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