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Continued Juggling
  6th July, 2019
I managed to rewrite most of my little PetitSwitch Sprite Editor, yesterday, but there's still a few missing features that need reintegrated. Though, if I'm honest, I never actually used those features.. So I might be lazy and say "Job Done"!


I uploaded the week's Shoebox game last night, but not officially.. Just so I could lay in bed and play the game on my iPad for testing!
The game works, but .. Again with the AI!
If the Shoebox has taught me anything, it's that I'm rubbish at doing AI!!

I might spend a couple of hours tweaking that, before launching it properly. But if you want to play, it's in the One On One section.

Meanwhile, got a lovely ALChoon going yesterday, but am worried it probably won't transfer well to XM format. Hmm. Going to take some fancy mod-tracking to get that to work!

Other than that, I should probably get back to working on the Browsercade's many issues, and maybe think about writing a game for the thing!

Plenty to do.

Keep Juggling, Jay!

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