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7th July 2019
As each game is released, players like RSKGames and send oodles of feedback for about the game.

Let's see how they all thought about Dots and Squares!

You can Play Dots and Squares in the Shoebox in the One on One section.


Playing in the mobile, I find that sometimes I connect the wrong dots but in PC with mouse it works fine.


Yeah, it can be a teensy bit more fiddly than it oughta. I think I might need to use "proper" gesture stuff to get it all working well.

The different kinds of shapes appearing where the last move was done by the AI is a nice touch and was really helpful.

I kept missing where AL had made his move, so it was really obvious that something like that was necessary.
I still occasionally miss them, though, so.. I might extend how long they stay onscreen.

The AI is good and it requires focus to get that line that will trigger the winning move. I did not manage to win yet.

Winning isn't too hard, once you learn AL's move style.
I might need to rejig him a little more, to make him a bit tougher.

One thing I find odd is that towards the end the AI takes too much time to make a move.

Yeah, it gets slower as there's less "safe" moves to make.
It really struggles when it gets down to the point where any move can open up a win for the opponent.
I need to add some kind of "Lesser of two evils" thing, and have AL figure out which move will lose him the least number of points.
That would probably help quite a bit.

Today I was able to win 3 times. The first time the scores were tied 32-32 but I had reached 32 first so I thought I was declared winner.

Vs AL, if you win or draw that counts as a win. only when you lose do you count as a lose. I'm not sure I've managed to keep that consistent through all of the various games! I'll have to double check.

After that I was able to win with a big margins 52-12, 48-16.
I guess with a bit more focus on the player side, the AI is beatable.

Yeah, once you get the hang of the AI, then it gets a teensy bit too easy.
I definitely need to tweak AL a little more.
.. And the Space Battle AL, too!

You can Play Dots and Squares in the Shoebox in the One on One section.
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