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8th July 2019
PreRelease - Selecting the first game

Step one, design (and/or copy+paste from previous editions!) a logo and icon for the game.

Step two, start writing game.

Step three, realise I'm a long way from being ready to start writing the game!!


Current issues
1. Still no virtual gamepad for when people are playing on their phone/tablet.

2. I don't like "Default Browser Font" being the standard font. (See the lower game's title in the above shot)
I've tried learning all about .woff web fonts earlier, and managed to "kinda" get them to work, but they didn't work inside the canvas.
I'll have another fiddle, later, see if I can figure it out.

3. The background is black, ingame.
I'd like to add a nice "Draw to buffer" function, so that I can generate gradients and other scrolling/repeating background images for various games.

4. .. And then write the entire game to go with it!
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New games every week!
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