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9th July 2019
I think, today, I'm going to focus on getting the final Framework touches of Browsercade done.

Step One will be working out how plausible buffer-drawing is, whilst in a html canvas.


I could also do with doing Virtual Controls, too, but I think they can probably wait for a bit, as .. well, they're going to be rubbish anyway, aren't they!? I can't stand virtual buttons!!

In addition, I really do need to figure out the best way to keep the size of audio down. At the minute, the all.wav sound effect file is the largest element of the entire Browsercade framework.
Compressing them probably won't help, since the different browsers all seem to want different things.

I also need to start work on this week's Shoebox game, but I'm not even sure what game that's going to be, yet.
Any thoughts?
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