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10th July 2019  
Allen writes..

Not sure if you still develop for OUYA but I play all of your games on there and I had a game idea that I wanted to share with you.

Oh, how I miss the OUYA.


In order to code for OUYA, I need a few things up and running.
1. Monkey-X (The language I used to code for OUYA).
For reasons unknown, my current installation is so corrupt that it keeps defaulting to an incredibly unreadable font! It's a really strange issue, too, and not one I've seen before.
I expect that if I delete and reinstall it, it'll probably fix that.

2. Old Android Devkit.
This is a LOT harder than it appears.
For games to run on OUYA, you need to install OLD versions of Android, JavaSDK and ANT.
Although I was fairly sure these old editions would've been archived, it's proving hard to track them down, and then when you TRY to install them, they insist on updating themselves, which inevitably breaks the compatibility.

Over at, Spinal has been attempting to get things up and running for standard Android, but I'm not yet sure how successful he's been.
Things have changed a LOT in the Android-Dev world, such that everything I once had working is now completely broken, and I wish that wasn't the case ...


I'm afraid that, as of typing this, I'm not in any position to make new OUYA titles.

A few weeks ago, someone asked me if I could fix a bug in RetroRaider and, knowing these issues existed, I dug out my old laptop in the hope that my old devkit was still running on there.
Alas, it wasn't.
By the time I murdered that laptop, I'd already moved on to my C++ framework.. .. And C++ vs Android.. Eeek!!
I never did get that working.


But it's pretty much the same issue, everywhere.
Hardware/OS manufacturers are making it harder and harder for old stuff to run.
iOS and now MacOS are seemingly requiring everything to be recompiled at least once a year or so, lest they be removed from the AppStore.
It's somewhat inevitable that the same issues will creep into Windows, going ahead, too.

For these, and many other reasons, I'm now concentrating on Browsers and Javascript, where I can hopefully continue to use my game creation skills up until Google breaks all of that, too.

From here on, AGameAWeek lives in your browser.
There's currently, where I've made basic mouse/touchscreen based games, but I'm also building up a "Browsercade", which will be more substantial games, like those of "AGameAWeek Proper". Joystick/Gamepad/Keyboard support is the primary goal of those games, and the framework is more or less up and running. It just needs some games!
Please stay tuned for those.

As for OUYA.
I hate to say it, but my devkit is pretty much as dead as the console

I was thinking of a game like Fix it Felix from Wreck it Ralph.

I'll add it to the Browsercade Todo List.

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