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11th July 2019
PreRelease - Cache problems aren't yet solved.
It's the little things..

Like how the game isn't saving highscores, and the onscreen scores aren't quite readable enough, and the music doesn't end during the game-over screen, and ..
The little things..

Still haven't actually coded the game, yet, either! This is all Framework stuff.

Of course.. There's still one big issue to tackle..


Today I also need to poke around and see if I can fix Firefox compatibility. I have a feeling I might actually need to rewrite the caching. For reasons unknown, they're apparently pulling the plug on the simple AppCache method (Write a list of all the files you want caching) and instead switching to Service Workers, which are insanely convoluted compared to making a list.

Bloody web developers, what on earth are they thinking?!!

Anyway, I'm hoping that rewriting my cache to be "Service Workers" should help to alleviate any caching issues I have with Firefox.
And, frankly, if it doesn't, I'll scream blue murder.

If you find my tweets becoming more erratic, throughout the day, you know why.
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