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Shoebox - Blackjack
  12th July, 2019
v1.03 - Added Blackjack to the Card Game selection

Blackjack, Pontoon, 21. Call it what you will.
The aim is to reach as close as you can to 21, without going over.
Once you're done, AL will have a try, and whoever gets closest is the winner.

The first to reach three wins is declared the overall winner of the game.

You can Play Blackjack in the Card Games section of the Shoebox.


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What I Didn't Do

I didn't add "money" into the game. I'm trying to steer clear of outright gambling mechanics. I mean, sure, there's a "little" bit of it in this game, but if I added any kind of bets, then I think I'd be making the wrong kind of game.
Shoebox is supposed to be family friendly fun, not "Kasino Green"..

You can Find Blackjack in the Card Games of Shoebox.

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