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Tiny Aliens
  16th July, 2019
My Petit-Switch engine runs with nothing more than 16x16 pixel sprites, so if I'm going to create any form of Alien Deathmatch on there, I'm going to first have to redraw all the sprites.


The old sprites I drew, back in 2008, are all 32x32 sprites, and would look horrible if scaled down.
Rather than redraw from the originals, I took the time to completely redraw them all from scratch.

(Apologies for the quality, such a pain in the arse to get images off the Switch without having a MicroSD reader on hand)

The result isn't "too" bad, I don't think, and they seem mostly readable on the tiny Switch handheld screen.

I now have about 2 days to create the entire game to go with it, so that should be fun.. :/

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