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A Grid!
  19th July, 2019

This project was titled "Power Source" when I started it, but the name doesn't fit the end result, so I'm going to have to change it.


The roll of a dice decides how many moves you get.
You need to move your piece around the arena, recolouring the tiles as you go.
Players can only move onto their colour, or the neutral colour, but if you earn a 6, you get to move onto opponent coloured tiles, too, to claim extra territory.

There are initially a few pickups on the board worth 5 points each, but eventually it just becomes about just filling up the arena.

The game ends once the arena is completely filled.

The gameplay "seems" to work OK, but I haven't started on the AI, yet.
That'll be tomorrow's task.

.. And a name!

If you've any possible name suggestions, let me know


Originally, the game was going to be to try to reach the "source" of the power, but given you can't cross each other's paths, it became all kinds of impossible!!

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