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Shoebox - Grid of Conquest
  20th July, 2019
v1.0321 - Added the game "Grid of Conquest"

Try to fill up as much of the board in your colour as you can.
Normally you can't move over opponent's tiles, but if you earn a 6, you're allowed to move wherever you'd like.

There are additional green spots on the board. Reach these for a couple of extra points.

You can Play Grid of Conquest in the Shoebox of Games under the Group Games section.


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What I Didn't Do

It's quite similar to Atoms, but is at least not crazy-random like that is!

As per usual, AL's AI isn't the best in the world.
I really need to develop my AI skills!!
Other than that, though, the game feels good enough.
If you've any suggestions, let them be known!

You can Play Grid of Conquest in the Group Games of Shoebox.

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