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Player Thoughts - Grid of Conquest
20th July 2019  
After I release more and more games, player's try desperately to keep up!
Let's see what RSKGames thinks of today's Shoebox addition.

You can Play Grid of Conquest in the Shoebox, under the Group Games section.


''Grid of Conquest'' immediately reminded me of ''Might of the Balls'' which was incidentally made almost on a similar date last year ''23rd July, 2018''.

Oh yeah! I'd actually forgotten about that game.


I've actually had this game idea in mind for a couple of weeks, but not for Shoebox.
The concept-of-sorts was to create some sort of plaything on the Socoder Forum.
Each post to the forum would grant you a roll of a dice, and you'd play on a much larger playfield.
But it would require..
A) Daily events that block off areas, clean up sections, kill off old clusters, etc.
B) Some sort of spam protection so you can't just flood the forum with garbage in order to earn extra goes. Maybe a limit of 3 goes a day?
I'll leave that idea to fester away, I think.

While ''Might of the Balls'' is kind of a fast real time game where AI and the player hurry to paint most tiles and get the special tiles first, ''Grid of conquest'' is a turn based strategy game doing the same thing.

Allowing the AI and player to move on their own tiles when cornered is a great relief as we don't have to wait for 6 to be thrown.
Played 2 times and won both times.

The "Completely Stuck" functionality appears to have broken.
It's supposed to give you a free "Free Move" when you have nowhere at all to move to. Somewhere along the lines, that got broke, so I've uploaded a quick fix for that.

Overall A good game which mixes a familiar game mechanic with a new movement and constraint mechanics. With a better AI it will be more fun. Right now even when 6 is thrown AI does not attack player tiles and some times goes over its own covered tiles instead of going to fresh tiles.

Yeah, he's not great!
I've upgraded his brain a teensy bit, tonight, so he should be a "little" bit tougher now. I still have to figure out how to get him to do traps, and the like.

v1.0329 is the version to update to!

You can Play Grid of Conquest in the Shoebox, under the Group Games section.

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