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21st July 2019
In order to properly test my onscreen touch controls, I'm going to need some kind of quick playable game, so that's going to be today's task.

Something short and simple, but complex enough to really put the controls to the test.


The onscreen buttons are currently a DPad, and three buttons.
I think three buttons should be enough for the majority of games. I can't think of an occasion, recently, where I've used four buttons in the controls.

I could do with an option to turn the DPad to an analogue circle thing, but haven't yet done that.

In order for properly testing, I think I need some kind of game with a few platforms, and also a more analogue-esque floating mechanic.
I'll be initially developing this as "Just a test", but if I find it fun to play with, it might end up being something more substantial.

Either way, once the test is ready, I'll be hoping to get some playtesting done, so be sure to update your Netscape Navigator, in preparation..

Browsercade's first test is Coming Soon!!


Note : Netscape Navigator is not supported.
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