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Today's Plan
  22nd July, 2019
.. When you're awake late at night, and think to yourself "This will give me ample time, tomorrow, to do all the other things!"


.. vs when you don't get to sleep until half past four in the morning, and then don't wake up until 11'ish, thus having completely wasted all of the time you thought you'd give yourself to do all the things you were aiming to do.


OK, today's tasks.
1. Write the Pontoon-Square game for Foldapuz, using the generator's results from last night.
2. Get Blockman's movement working properly. He's currently doing that stupidly annoying "diagonal block interjection" thing.
3. Start to add enemies and blocklets.
4. That darn backbuffer...

With #4 probably being the lengthier element.

The onscreen touch controller seems "workable". It's by no means perfect, but I think I've got it to a "It'll do for now" stage.

So much to do!
And I haven't even started this week's Petit Switch game, yet.

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