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23rd July 2019
1. People seem utterly baffled by the start-screen of Browsercade.
I put that there, because a lot of browsers need a single click before they initiate any audio, but seemingly people are instead "waiting" for it, and think the thing's broken.



I tend to try not to put too much text onscreen in my games. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly down to the fact that a language barrier is the greatest of all barriers.
Words like "Start", "Score", "Level", "Game Over", "1up" and more, are simple and universal enough that (I hope!) most people can understand them.
But anything more wordy than that, tends to put people off.

I guess, however, that I'm not putting enough onscreen clues in my games, lately, and this appears to be a huge one!
That little screen definitely needs a "Click to Start" notification.

2. The "Bring up the Touchscreen Controls" button needs to be more obvious, too, and apparently it needs bringing into other areas of the framework, like the Pause menu.
I'll have to do that, to make everything a little less complicated for users.

Other than those two issues, people haven't complained about the test so far.
I do need to add a "remove the back buffer if the system's a bit slow" thing, and rather than have that be an option, I'm thinking a FPS counter with intuitive balancing might work a bit better.

So.. Yeah..
Not a terrible start to proceedings, but I've certainly learned a few lessons!

More text.
More buttons.
More information!!
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