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23rd July 2019

Alan suggests

Looks pretty good. I did spot a slight half-pixel seam where the background wraps around. I like the parallax effect, though.

I've cheat-fixed that for the meantime, by simply wrapping the buffer a single pixel closer to itself, but it might look more glitchy once I start doing different types of backgrounds.
I need to add a "sprite to buffer" function, to check that, though.

Other tweaks..
I've made the "Logo on a plain screen, waiting for the first click" screen a bit more obvious by having a big "[Start]" on there.

I've updated Blockman's collision code a little, so he's not as glitchy.

And there's not a touch-control button on the pause menu.

Lots of little tweaks, but far too hot to do it all!!!
Summer sucks!
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