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  24th July, 2019

Over on the Switch, I'm reproducing a basic version of Clusters of Hex, and ..

.. Oh boy, had I forgotten how much of a pain it was to code this thing in the first place!


I've struggled through most of yesterday to get the hexes to line up, have them scroll neatly, and get Roland to hop in a decent way.
Trying to match all the hexagon colours correctly is pure evil, with the grid being as mis-aligned as it is.

Although I typically tend to "rewrite from scratch" every game, I might actually cheat for this one, and look back at my previous attempt's code, to see how I matched groups, and handled the "clusters that should fall" stuff.
It really is a miracle that that previous version worked as well as it did!!

You can Play the original Clusters of Hex here, originally made in early 2017.
Hopefully I'll have a working version for Switch in the next day or so.

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