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24th July 2019

I've had to add a limit to how many hexes I'm drawing on the Petit-Switch screen at once!!


Reducing the screen to a narrower playfield, and also raising the height of the fail-point has helped immensely.
The game no longer turns into a stripy crazy chaotic hellfield for reason I'm not quite sure of!!
I think it might be an array out-of-bounds issue, somewhere, but the way it is, now, it's at least behaving itself.
The game seems nice and playable, moreso than the original, so don't be surprised if you see it cropping up in the Browsercade, once that's up and running properly.

Speaking of Browsercade, I've been doing a decent number of little tweaks to the engine, today.
Things are hopefully a little bit smoother, and there's now a Credits screen, too! Woot!!

I'm going to try to come up with something interesting to add playability to the credits screen. Not sure what, though.
It's a little bit too cramped to make it into a shooting gallery, so..
Gonna have to use that crazy imagination that I once had.
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